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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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natives pretend to be companions, upon the authority of their dogskin waistcoats; but a council that has been held on purpose has declared their pretensions impertinent. Patapan has lately taken wife unto him, as ugly as he is genteel, but of a very great family, being the direct heiress of Canis Scaliger, Lord of Yerona: which, principality we design to seize a la Prussienne; that is, as soon as ever we shall have persuaded the republic of Venice that we are the best friends they have in the world8. Adieu, dear child !
Yours ever,
P.S. I left my subscriptions for Middleton's Tully with Mr. Selwyn; I won't trouble him, but I wish you would take care and get the books, if Mr. S. has kept the list.
DEAE WEST,                                   Reggio, May 10,1741. N.S.
I have received the end of your first act \ and now will tell you sincerely what I think of it, If I was not so pleased with the beginning as I usually am with your compositions, believe me the part of Pausanias has charmed me. There is all imaginable art joined with all requisite simplicity ; and a simplicity, I think, much preferable to that in the scenes of Cleodora and Argilius. Forgive me, if I say they do not talk laconic but low English ; in her, who is Persian too, there would admit more heroic. But for the whole part of Pausanias, 'tis great and well worked up, and the art that is seen seems to proceed from his head, not from the author's. As I am very desirous you should con-
8 Frederick II, King of Prussia, having duped the Queen of Hungary by professions of warm friendship and support, suddenly advanced into
Silesia at the head of 80,000 men.
LETTER   40.—1 The   first   act   of West's tragedy Pausanias.